After a stellar debut year, the Nintendo moved into 1987 emboldened with high hopes for its disk add-on peripheral. The Famicom Disk System would begin its second year with a bang; with Nintendo releasing their most ambitious title to date.

Released on January 14th, The Legend of Zelda 2: Link no Bouken was the first ever Disk System exclusive sequel to a Disk System exclusive release. From that high water mark, third party developers and publishers would run rampant over the next 12 months, making 1987 the single most prolific year for Disk System releases in the peripheral’s short history.

With 1987 being the peak year in terms of release volume, the overall variety of games released is predictably varied with such notable releases as Dracula II: Noroi no Fūin (Castlevania II; Simon’s Quest), Eggerland (an entry in the Adventures of Lolo series), Nintendo’s disk exclusive Zelda sequel, Falsion, and Super Lode Runner to name a few.

Post ’87, The Disk System began an abrupt decline in 1988 culminating in the last trickle of games being released in 1989 through about 1992.