A port of a popular 8-bit Atari computer game, Electrician curiously never saw a North American release for the Nintendo Entertainment System, which is strange considering it was ported from an original game by designed David Brunch at American software developer Synapse Software.


Japanese Title: エレクトリシャン
English Release: none

Release Date: December 26, 1986
Publisher: Kemco
Developer: Synapse Software
Genre: Platformer / Puzzle
Product Code: KSC-ELC
Disk Format: Double-sided
Notable Credits: Designed by David Brunch.

Ported from a 1984 Atari 8-bit computer game of the same name, Electrician was adapted and published for the Disk System by Kemco.

Given that the game was originally published by an American company and first released in America for a home computer, it seems odd that Electrician never saw a release on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The simple, yet addictive game play would have fit right in with the NES library circa 1987, and its American roots may have even given the game some-what of a pedigree. What even the reason for its NES absence, it certainly wasn’t the quality of the game itself.

Electrician is a neat little puzzle platformer in which you play as an electrician tasked with fixing a city wide black out by reconnecting detached power lines one apartment complex at a time. To to this you must avoid enemies and traverse gaps and other obstacles.  The action entirely takes place within these apartment buildings, save for short underworld segment in which you move your electrician from building to building.

Even though Electrician never made it to the Nintendo Entertainment System, many kids of a certain generation would see more of designer David Brunch’s work when he designed the popular NES game Skate or Die in 1988.