Suishou no Ryuu

Most notable for being the first release of the Square Co. Ltd. headed publishing group DOG (Disk Original Group), Suishou no Ryuu is a mostly forgettable text adventure with obtuse controls and a few scenes of impressive animation, all of which is walled up behind the familiar language barrier indicative of the genre.

Suishou no Ryuu

Japanese Title: 水晶の龍
English Title: Crystal Dragon
English Release: none

Release Date: December 15, 1986
Publisher: DOG
Developer: Square Co. Ltd.
Genre: Text Adventure
Product Code: SQF-SSD
Disk Format: Double-sided
Notable Credits: Music Composed by Nobou Uematsu. Characters Designed by Gen Sato. In-game animation designs by Nippon Sunrise.

Following the success of earlier Famicom released text adventure titles such as Portopia and Dead Zone, Square Co. Ltd. attempted to get in on the action with their first text adventure Suishou no Ryuu. Alternitively refered as Suishō no Dragon, the game also served as the debut publishing effort for the Square headed publishing collective called Disk Originals Group, or DOG for short.

In Suishou no Ryuu you assume control of a teenager in the distant future who must investigate a series of kidnappings that seem to coincide with the sudden appeareance of a mysterious crystal dragon in outer space.

Suishou no Ryuu has an interface not unlike other console text adventure games of the time, with an icon based interface rather then a text parser. Commands are selected via a mouse style curser that can moved around the screen via the D-pad.

Suisho no Ryuu is pretty difficult to play without a pretty fluent understanding of the Japanese language, however there is a translation that was released in 2016 so the game is playable in English, albeit through emulation.

It is worth noting that in many dialogue scenes the characters are animated (as well as can be expected considering the limitations of the hardware). These animated sequences were produced in association with Japanese animation studio Nippon Sunrise.