Predating BattleBots by well over a decade, this truly bizarre simulation title has you designing, building and training robots to battle to the death against one and other. If that sounds like an interesting video game concept, rest assured; because it truly is not.


Japanese Title: ブリーダー
English Release: none

Release Date: December 15, 1986
Publisher: Soft Pro International
Developer: Soft Pro International
Genre: Simulation
Product Code: SFC-BRE
Disk Format: Double-sided
Notable Credits: None

Breeder is an interesting video game. A simulation in the truest sense of the word, Breeder has you construct a robot, from the chassis up. After the body of your robot is configured you are given 1000 points to allocate toward any of 15 different categories, such as speed, dexterity, laser, luck, walk, punch etc. The disk affords 8 slots to save and store 8 unique and fully customized robots. The customization is far and away the best part of Breeder, and provides a surpassingly deep and in depth level of robo-tinkering.

Beyond the customization, you can match your robots up to battle in an arena-like setting. This portion of the game has you take the role of passive observer, and the robots perform on their own based on the type and attributes you have selected. These battles are  slow, boring and entirely underwhelming. They end up completely taking the wind out of what is an otherwise interesting concept.

All in all Breeder is a fascinating idea, but the overall execution proves to be sorely lacking.