Namida no Sokoban Special

The first Disk System game published by a company other than Nintendo, Namida no Sokoban Special is actually the sequel to developer Thinking Rabbit’s massively successful Sokoban, the original box pushing puzzle game.

Namida no Sokoban Special

Japanese Title: 涙の倉庫番スヘシャル
Translated Title: Tears of the Warehouse Worker Special
English Release: none

Release Date: July 30, 1986
Publisher: ASCII Corporation
Developer: ASCII Corporation, Thinking Rabbit
Genre: Puzzle
Product Code: ASC-001
Disk Format: Double-sided
Notable Credits: First non-Nintendo published title released for the Disk System.

Namida no Sokoban Special, translated as ‘Tears of the Warehouse Worker Special’, is an interesting puzzle game. Like most puzzle games the conceit is simple; in this case, push boxes to a predetermined spot in the least number of moves possible. As the levels become more complex, and the apparent paths less obvious, Namida no Sokoban Special’s challenge ramps up significantly and steadily. This results in a highly competent and very playable, although somewhat challenging puzzle game.

The sequel to developer Thinking Rabbit’s Sokoban, which appeared on nearly every personal computer available in the early eighties, the twist Namida no Sokoban Special throws into the mix are a variety of special items that can help you overcome obstacles and push past some of the more difficult stages.

In historical context, Namida no Sokoban Special is probably most notable for being the first Familu Computer Disk System title released by a publisher other than Nintendo, in this case ASCII Corporation.