More important for the mechanics that it pioneered than for the game itself, Golf is another example of how Nintendo was truly innovative and had a knack for creating game play concepts that would be later become industry standards.


Japanese Title: ゴルフ Gorufu
English Release: Golf (NES, 1985)

Release Date: February 21, 1986 (Launch)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Sports
Product Code: FMC-GLF
Disk Format: Single-sided
Notable Credits: Produced by Masayuki Uemura. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Kenji Miki. Music Composed by Koji Kondo.

Like most Disk System launch titles, Golf is a direct conversion of an early Famicom cartridge game. Conversion is perhaps to strong a word; in actuality Golf is a direct dump of the 1984 cart release, no alterations and no improvements.

The lasting impact of Golf lies not in the game play, which is archaic to say the very least, but in the introduction of the swing meter. The swing meter, which has become the de facto standard in golf video games to this day, is an inspired bit of game design.  Forgettable save for this innovation, Golf is otherwise kind of ugly, kind of clunky, and kind of unremarkable.

Nintendo would greatly refine their golf prowess with a later Disk System release; Golf: Japan Course, and then perfect the disk based 8-bit golf simulation with Golf: US Course.